30 years of practice

Moraca Ordinance was founded in 1988. Today it is a modern specialist practice with the most modern dental equipment: three dental chairs, digital X-ray, lasers, electro-cauteres, CAD-Cam digital system of the latest generation.


Over 15.000 open records of patients treated is making us happy that we managed for you to feel satisfied with our work and our services. Our goal is to always have patient that is fully satisfied.

    Members of our team are:
  • Morača dr Vujo, specialist in dental prosthetics
  • Morača dr Miloš, dentist
  • Olga Tulimirović, nurse
  • Dr. Milan Petrović, maxilofacial surgent, associate.

Morača dr Vujo | Morača dr Miloš | Olga Tulimirović


In our office you can get all kinds of dental services. We do our best to provide the best functional and aesthetic solution to your toothlessness condition so that we can achieve what you need.

  • Dental prosthetics
  • Bioplast elastic prosthesis
  • Partial and total dentures
  • Total dentures with mini implants
  • Metallic prostheses with all forms of connective elements
  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Non-metallic crowns and bridges
  • Computer production of veneers (facets), crowns, seals (all shapes and sizes, and onlays)


The latest solution for your toothlessness by installing dental implants from worldwide manufacturers (Bisone, Strauman, Nobel Biocare, Alpha Bio...)


If you have severe periodontal disease, in our practice you can obtain complete tretament from basic terapy to periodontal surgery.


Blagoja Parovica 144
11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 354 11 57, 254 21 17
e-mail: kontakt@moraca.rs

Working hours
Monday - Friday:
12:30AM - 7:30PM


With CEREC technology, we can restore your tooth with a biocompatible material of superb characteristics in just one visit.
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If you have healthy teeth and healthy gums but you are not satisfied with their colour, there is safety way to make your teeth really white.
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If you are professional sprotsman or recreativly have sports activity, you can damage your teeth. This is very offten on upper front teeth, which have specific postion, one step ahead of the other teeth.
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If you don't live in Belgrade or if you just want second opinion, you can sand us your ortopantomography or retro alveolar X-ray with description of your problems on this website and we will send you more information as soon as possible.
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Blagoja Parovića 144
11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11 354 11 57, 254 21 17
e-mail: kontakt@moraca.rs
Working hours
Monday - Friday:
12:30AM - 7:30PM

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